Thai Yoga Massage what is and some benefits

17/08/2011 by Ofélia Jesus (various sources)

The origins

The Thai Yoga Massage is the oldest healing therapies in the world. From India during the lifetime of the Buddha, there are over 2,500 years, it was introduced by the personal physician of Buddha.

With the spread of Buddhism beyond India its development found expression in Southeast Asia where, for centuries, was applied by monks as a Thai medical element. The Thai people, like many Orientals, saw illness as a body imbalance signal / mind / spirit and sought help in local temples.

Also known as Yoga of lazy or passive, the energy channels works, Sen or nadi lines.

The Traditional Thai Massage or as commonly called Thai massage, has a more energetic approach than physical. Among the vast network of subtle channels (sen) through which circulates vital energy they use therapeutically top 10. The physical body is the vehicle through which it works to restore energy flow and healing in all other bodies.

Through deep pressure along these subtle channels, muscle stretching, joint manipulation and twists seeks to Release blockages and stagnation of vital energy.

The various maneuvers used in this massage are designed to facilitate and stimulate the intrinsic energy flows, releasing the blockages that prevent the balance essential to maintaining a healthy and free individual pain.

The pressures can be used as tools hands, thumbs, feet, knees, elbows and forearms. For the twists and stretches the body is used as a lever in maneuvers that are with Yoga (asanas) applied.

The Thai Massage enables press muscles, move joints balancing energy levels, increasing flexibility and standardizing effect on both sides. The sense of well being is generated by endorphin release. All the time during the massage there is a sense of fluidity, cadence, integration and fellowship. Each maneuver dissolves in the following as a choreography.


► the lymphatic system

► joint movement, muscle and flexibility

► relieve stress and physical tension balancing the body, mind and emotional

► readjust the bone structure

► stimulation of internal organs

► release of toxic material in the joints, muscles and connective tissue.

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