Yoga 02/02/2015 by Ofélia Jesus

Writing invades me, whispers in my ear
- Plays the tune to the right pace
- Rehearse the words, make them dance
- Adjust the positions, observes the evolution of the text
- You like?

I take my notebook and pen.
Living alone with me and with nature.

There is the stillness, I feel the stop ...
Listening to the sound of the sea
The watch the waves, how they form, wind and slide
The feel the cool wind on the face
Glimpsing the dunes wrapped in vegetation, typical of coastline

In this small hill with this scenario, enjoy a full
feeling of stop.

This moment reminds me

"You are Freedom, Fullness and Consciousness"

Challenges readers to experience moments of quiet and stop their
daily tasks increasingly and demanding.

The scenario can be any, the feeling is the essence.

Do not think that being alone, stop and quiet the mind means alienation,
on the contrary is a way to know we us, to strengthen our ability to
acceptance and decision.

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